Roofing Health And Safety Part 1

As a building owner or roofing Liverpool based company, what should you do regarding health and safety on your roof?

Before work starts:

  • Our roofing in Liverpool company would recommend that an assessment should be made. Importantly, it should be made made by a compent person.
  • Plan the work properly and in advance, using a contractor with sufficient expertise.
  • Specify non-fragile assemblies for new and replacement roofs.
  • After work starts: Make sure the contractors have adequate time to safely carry out the work once it begins
  • Ensure the planned safe system of work is implemented.

What is a safe system of work?


Obviously having the ability for workers to avoid going onto a roof at all is the preferable method. This allows profiled roof sheets and roof-lights to be fixed or replaced from underneath or from a platform.  This isn’t always possible and with domestic builds is rarely the case even with commercial.

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Before You Attempt Your Own Roofing

Here at James Roofing Liverpool we want to issue a warning. Beware! Falls through fragile roofs and fragile roof lights cause death and serious injury. They account for almost a fifth of all the fatal accidents which result from a fall from height in the construction industry.

Who is in danger?

As Roofing Contractors Liverpool we know that these types of accidents are caused by lack of awareness in relation fragile surfaces. They mainly occur in the building maintenance sector and particularly when carrying out small and short-term maintenance and sometimes cleaning. 7 people on average are killed and many more hurt, when falling though roofs or fragile roof lights. These accidents can occur on any roof, commercial, domestic and even more some on farm and outhouse.

Which surfaces present a particular risk?

These are common seen as likely to be most fragile:

■    Roof lights, particularly old one;
■    Old liner panels on built-up sheeted roofs;
■    Fibre cement sheets, that aren’t reinforced;
■    Metal sheets, corroded;
■    Glass (including wired glass);
■    Rotted chipboard; and
■    Slates and tiles.

Remember: Fragile roof incidents are not inevitable. They can be prevented by careful planning, using trained and experienced workers with suitable equipment and employing a high level of supervision.

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It’s Beginning To Look At Lot Like Christmas

Here at James Roofing Liverpool, we’re excited as it’s getting close to Christmas! You’ll probably getting the family round for the festivities.

The problem is their maybe snow on the way… it’s certainly cold enough!

This may not seem like a problem yet!

As dependable roofers Liverpool we’re aware that if your roof has any leaks or is potentially vulnerable to weather you’ll soon find out.

What To Look For…

Stains on interior ceilings and walls – This can be caused by inadequate or faulty shingle under-layment allowing leakage. It may also be a sign of inadequate ventilation.

Missing cracked or curling shingles – This may be caused by low grade shingles that have been previously installed or simply, shingles that have exceeded their expected lifespan.

Roof Shingle Deterioration, Cracking, and Cupping – This could be caused by a variety or factors but is most likely due to a build up of heat due to poor attic ventilation.

Peeling, Bubbling, or Blistering Exterior Paint – The possible cause for this could be poor attic ventilation trapping moisture in the house.

Dark, “Dirty-Looking” Areas on Your Roof – Very common and can will be caused by environmental pollutants; lichen, algae, fungus or other environmental growth.

This blog was written to highlight the importance of visual checks and the need for a little roofing maintenance now and then. We’ve always been huge advocates of spending a little now so that you don’t have to spend a fortune in the future. So have a look as getting your roof repaired at a greater cost later, isn’t what any of us really want.

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Look At The Rain!

Here at roofing Liverpool we know that you’ve probably got a few problems right now, especially if you’ve searched for a roofer online. Follow these next steps

Next Steps

  1. Call us to arrange an call out.
  2. Place a bucket under the leak/s.
  3. Clear the room/s.
  4. Make sure their is no possibility of water dripping onto electrical items.
  5. If the water is near electrical circuits, please don’t play about with sockets.
  6. If you really do have a flood, call an electrical supervisor to switch of the electricity in the house or flat

We hope you’re not in too much distress, but James Roofing will be able to solve your problems.



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Roofing, What You Should Expect?

What you should expect from a modern Roofing Liverpool based company. To be honest, every company you’ll ever come across will tell you that, no matter how complex the job is… they can do it.

But what does this mean?

Will they manage your expectations on the project? Will they provide a reasonable quote? Is the job that skilled?

The answers are that roofing is a very skilled trade. James roofing has a vast amount of time served with the roofing in Liverpool scene. We’ve come across and dealt with pretty much every job you can imagine.

Reasonable quotes, everybody is looking for a good deal but some people believe it’s the cheapest price. This isn’t the case! A favourite saying in the trade is ‘if you pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys’ sadly this can be the case.

A reasonable quote should be offset with checking testimonials, checking availability and visiting previous examples of their work. The most important factor we’d say is the guarantee.

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Wow, What Weather We’ve Had

Wow, What weather we’ve had!

Here at Roofing Liverpool we know what the odd gust of wind and torrential rain can do to a property.

Here are some 4 things to look for and they will save you money in the long run.


We know that it doesn’t have to be Halloween to hear noises outside. If when the wind is up you start to hear unusual noises or flapping it can be an indication of damaged tiles or guttering.

Slipped tile

After any particularly bad day or night you should do a full inspection of your property. Walk around the front, side and back. Walk to the very back of your garden and across the road to check. It’s usually a good idea to have an agreement with neighbours across the road and either side, and check on each others houses


This is a no brainer, if you have a leak, you need to get it dealt with quickly. We’ve spent many hours fixing all types, caused by roof or gutter damage and the rule of thumb is speed.

Wall problems

Damp patches and in the worst cases, rotting and water leaking in can not only cause a terrible smell, but can cause very expensive damage to your property.

If you see any of these warning signs it’s imperative that you seek us out. Whether it’s our Guttering Liverpool service or just general small tile roof repair inaction will eventually lead to large scale work needs.

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