Roofing Health And Safety Part 1

As a building owner or roofing Liverpool based company, what should you do regarding health and safety on your roof?

Before work starts:

  • Our roofing in Liverpool company would recommend that an assessment should be made. Importantly, it should be made made by a compent person.
  • Plan the work properly and in advance, using a contractor with sufficient expertise.
  • Specify non-fragile assemblies for new and replacement roofs.
  • After work starts: Make sure the contractors have adequate time to safely carry out the work once it begins
  • Ensure the planned safe system of work is implemented.

What is a safe system of work?


Obviously having the ability for workers to avoid going onto a roof at all is the preferable method. This allows profiled roof sheets and roof-lights to be fixed or replaced from underneath or from a platform.  This isn’t always possible and with domestic builds is rarely the case even with commercial.

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Beware Of Wind

Oh My…. More Wind On Its Way

Have you seen the weather reports! Huge amounts of wind have been predicted to hit the UK over the next few weeks.

Here at James Roofing in Liverpool, we’d love to tell you that you can protect your roofs with… and stop leaks with…

Unfortunately that isn’t the case, if you’ve an older roof that already looks like it may have needed repairs, then you’ll probably be exposed. If you have an old gutter, you should have replaced years ago, this weather will also expose you. You should be looking for guttering Liverpool companies, as it could be costly and cause serious damage, if it’s not working efficiently

We’re not trying to be the merchants of doom, but a little bit of maintenance goes a long way. If you’ve let your roof fall into a state of disrepair, then you will certainly be found wanting.

What Can We Do

  1. You can hope that you’re roof holds up.
  2. You can call an experiences roofer to fix the potentially loose slates and make you water tight before the wind and rain hit
  3. You get lots of buckets and tarpaulin ready for your own patch up jobs.

By far the less costly option would be to get it repaired now, before it takes a massive chunk out of your wallet.

Call James Roofing Liverpool for more a free quote.


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Are You Thinking About An Extension?

Do You Want A House Extension?

James Roofing know about roofing in Liverpool. The post below details a few types that are commonly used.

Roofs form a large proportion of the cost of an extension, particularly if it is a pitched roof, which is why a lot of people go for the cheaper option of a flat roof. But flat roofs don’t last as long and are prone to developing leaks that are hard to fix, as water ‘pools’ on the surface. They also don’t tend to blend in with the rest of the house particularly well, unless the property has flat roofs throughout.

Translucent Flat Roofs

A flat roof can be fitted very quickly though, because as soon as the supporting timbers are in place, the roofing material can be attached. If a transparent or translucent roof is required, glass could be laid, with supporting frames, but corrugated plastic or flat multi-walled polycarbonate is more likely.

The multi-walled products are layers of clear polycarbonate sheet separated by longitudinal ribs of the same material. This versatile material can be cut to size onsite and the number of layers goes from two to seven, with different finishes that affect the heat and sound insulating properties of the roof.


As roofers it’s logical that we also provide a guttering Liverpool based service. You should consider this when deciding on any extension or the type of roof you feel would be appropriate to your build.

Opaque Materials

If the roof doesn’t need to let light in, then corrugated sheet metal, plastic or fibreglass is cheap and cheerful and can be found in a wide variety of colours. The plastic versions do degrade over time though, and you need to be careful to drill holes for the fixings because punching them through is likely to crack the sheet.

A more long-lasting covering is felt waterproofed with bitumen. This is more expensive as it cannot be laid over the roof timber, so a supporting layer of sheet timber such as plywood of MDF needs to be laid down first. There are newer products on the market that look similar to felt but claim better performance, longer life and resistance to leaks.

Many home extensions these days are conservatories or other buildings with a lot of glazing, but brick built (or stone) is still popular, for a number of good reasons. But how do brick built extensions differ from glazed buildings and why should you pick one? Note that for the purposes of this article the phrase ‘brick built’ will refer to any outer material such as brick, stone, flint or any other, as opposed to a double-glazed construction such as a conservatory.

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Poor Installation Spotted By Roofing Companies Liverpool

As Roofing companies Liverpool will testify, we often see poor installation and unsatisfactory workmanship

We quite often see really poor workmanship once we’re pricing up our roofing in Liverpool . Faulty installation dramatically increases the likelihood of problems and reduces a roof system’ s life expectancy.

Poor workmanship is a common problem, the reason problems crop up at some point are usually a direct result of this, and reduce the life of the roof.

Adhesion problems result from poor cleaning and drying. The area wasn’t primed properly prior to installation. The major issue is that visually, without knowing what you’re looking for, it would be almost impossible to see. Future problems that may occur from this are premature aging and full roof system failure.

What you really need and what James Roofing can give you is a guarantee.

Phone us for a free quote and an explanation of our guarantee

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Blow-offs, tenting, reduced wind uplift resistance, and billowing

Blow-offs, tenting, reduced wind uplift resistance, and billowing

Here at Roofing in Liverpool you would be naive to think that leaks are the only problem that can result from flashing that is badly installed.

Open seams and laps that can on some occasions cause your titles or even your entire roof to blow off can be a consequence of poor work on hot bituminous roofs.

You may have poor puncture resistance, and gravel embedment issues cause by an inadequate amount of fasteners in the base sheet during application of the roofs

Here is the technical bit – ‘Wind uplift resistance can be reduced greatly if seams are not cured adequately on cold-applied systems’. This basically means that seams made with cold adhesives do not have good integrity until the adhesive has cured. If they aren’t properly cured and then they get exposed to the elements (Wind and rain), then moisture will certainly get in and the whole roof system will be damaged as membrane becomes ineffective.

As Liverpool Roofing, we know a roofer must adhere to the substrate in single-ply roofs or you’ll seriously risk a roof blow off or at the minimum some billowing.

A single-ply roofing membranes do a little more to hold things in place, but as with everything an improper job will end up with tenting,flashing problems and membrane damage

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Roof Repairs Liverpool For Leaks And Moisture

Roof Leaks And Moisture

When we are roofing in Liverpool, we see a lot of problems that have resulted in leaks and moisture damage.

Obvious or unforeseen, roof problems are always a pain and can be costly and will result in you needing our roof repairs Liverpool service. With every single roof and no matter which kind‚ if you have roof leaks, then unless checked or repaired as soon as you notice them you’ll have a big issue down the line.

A leak will occur for a number of reasons. Flashing details in built up roofs can experience leaks because they aren’t fastened properly during their installation.

The problems an owner is typically going to have with a built up roof will be that in the majority of cases that the leaks occurs because of the flashing details – meaning the membrane is interrupted or terminated. Additionally, hot bituminous and torch-applied modified bitumen roofs may experience leaks when a proper moisture barrier is not installed underneath a coping cap on parapet walls.

Any defective installation of the flashing will be a source of leaks at some point, especially with torch applied modified bitumen roofs. Moisture infiltration caused by poor head laps and backwater laps will also cause you a lot of problems down the line. If water gets underneath the roof membrane because the field of roof is installed so that water flows against the lap, causing blisters and leaks. Therefore the roof will not be fit for purpose

A cold-applied modified bitumen’s, the storage of the materials can result in moisture infiltration if it was improperly stored. This will then be built into the roofing system, not using the correct amount of adhesive will also result in poor lamination and leakage.

Leaks can result when single-ply membrane roofs are installed with poor seams.


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Roofing, What You Should Expect?

What you should expect from a modern Roofing Liverpool based company. To be honest, every company you’ll ever come across will tell you that, no matter how complex the job is… they can do it.

But what does this mean?

Will they manage your expectations on the project? Will they provide a reasonable quote? Is the job that skilled?

The answers are that roofing is a very skilled trade. James roofing has a vast amount of time served with the roofing in Liverpool scene. We’ve come across and dealt with pretty much every job you can imagine.

Reasonable quotes, everybody is looking for a good deal but some people believe it’s the cheapest price. This isn’t the case! A favourite saying in the trade is ‘if you pay peanuts you’ll get monkeys’ sadly this can be the case.

A reasonable quote should be offset with checking testimonials, checking availability and visiting previous examples of their work. The most important factor we’d say is the guarantee.

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