Roofing Health And Safety Part 1

As a building owner or roofing Liverpool based company, what should you do regarding health and safety on your roof?

Before work starts:

  • Our roofing in Liverpool company would recommend that an assessment should be made. Importantly, it should be made made by a compent person.
  • Plan the work properly and in advance, using a contractor with sufficient expertise.
  • Specify non-fragile assemblies for new and replacement roofs.
  • After work starts: Make sure the contractors have adequate time to safely carry out the work once it begins
  • Ensure the planned safe system of work is implemented.

What is a safe system of work?


Obviously having the ability for workers to avoid going onto a roof at all is the preferable method. This allows profiled roof sheets and roof-lights to be fixed or replaced from underneath or from a platform.  This isn’t always possible and with domestic builds is rarely the case even with commercial.

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It’s Beginning To Look At Lot Like Christmas

Here at James Roofing Liverpool, we’re excited as it’s getting close to Christmas! You’ll probably getting the family round for the festivities.

The problem is their maybe snow on the way… it’s certainly cold enough!

This may not seem like a problem yet!

As dependable roofers Liverpool we’re aware that if your roof has any leaks or is potentially vulnerable to weather you’ll soon find out.

What To Look For…

Stains on interior ceilings and walls – This can be caused by inadequate or faulty shingle under-layment allowing leakage. It may also be a sign of inadequate ventilation.

Missing cracked or curling shingles – This may be caused by low grade shingles that have been previously installed or simply, shingles that have exceeded their expected lifespan.

Roof Shingle Deterioration, Cracking, and Cupping – This could be caused by a variety or factors but is most likely due to a build up of heat due to poor attic ventilation.

Peeling, Bubbling, or Blistering Exterior Paint – The possible cause for this could be poor attic ventilation trapping moisture in the house.

Dark, “Dirty-Looking” Areas on Your Roof – Very common and can will be caused by environmental pollutants; lichen, algae, fungus or other environmental growth.

This blog was written to highlight the importance of visual checks and the need for a little roofing maintenance now and then. We’ve always been huge advocates of spending a little now so that you don’t have to spend a fortune in the future. So have a look as getting your roof repaired at a greater cost later, isn’t what any of us really want.

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Why Choose Us As Your Roofing Contractors Liverpool

James Roofing Contractors Liverpool are available for large scale roofing work all over the north west of England.

We have a large variety of commercial contracts working in partnership with large scale builders on large scale building schemes… here is why

We take pride in offering the best possible service to all of our customers, either in the domestic or commercial market by supplying a highly skilled workforce which is constantly being trained in the latest methods of roofing techniques and backed up by a professional administration, where we are only too happy to help in any way that we can.

Our company is a trusted in the Merseyside business community and are one of the most respected roofing companies Liverpool.

We offer every potential client a no-cost no-obligation roof assessment and are happy to put this in writing if you require.  We will discuss all the options with you and never suggest replacement if we believe the problem can be rectified successfully by repairing it.

Why We’re Respected

  • We provide professional quality workmanship.
  • We are clean and tidy and won’t leave a mess behind.
  • Insurance work undertaken.
  • Pay after completion on most small jobs.

James Roofing are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service, honest guarantees and have a solid track record for successful domestic and commercial roof construction, with 1000’s of replacement roofs on domestic and commercial properties of all styles and ages. We will quickly quote, plan and construct your replacement roof, all in a matter of days, whilst still ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

We are confident that you will be happy with our workmanship and your new roof, and to help alleviate any concerns we are always happy to provide references from customers who have had a new roof or other roofing services from us in the past.

For further information on our services please contact us.

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Do You Have Suspicious Stains On Your Ceiling?

Do you have any of the following Issues?

Stains on your ceiling. Water dripping from a recessed light fixture. Your chimney has wet masonry. A stream of water is running down your wall or dripping from a window well.

If any of these events are happening in your home you must have a roof leak, right? An appointment with a  Liverpool roofer is made. He checks the roof and tells you that some patch work will remedy the situation. The work is done, the roofer is paid but you have the same problem the next time there is a rain storm.

That’s not how we work!

What happened? There are a number of problems other than those associated with your roof that can cause moisture to enter your home.

Leakage can occur when wood or vinyl siding has been damaged, has worn out or was improperly installed. Wind driven rain can force water past the siding where it gets behind the flashing and into the roof system.

Masonry wall or chimney leaks can occur when these components deteriorate due to long term exposure the weather. The mortar can break loose from the bricks or even fall out allowing moisture to be forced into the structure where it runs down and can show up inside the home. Concrete block walls can be come porous and absorb water. These conditions can show up much earlier if the masonry work was not done correctly.

Mechanical intrusion is another source of leaks. Holes in rusted vent pipes can allow water access.

Satellite dishes, antennas, lightning rod systems or Christmas decorations with fasteners that pierce the roof can leak if not sealed properly. You may even need some replacement Guttering Liverpool?

Many homes have flat roof sections. If you have an HVAC unit on a flat section of your roof, leaky duct work can allow moisture to enter the home.

Our roof repairs Liverpool based company have also encountered some apparent roof leaks that don’t even originate at the roof level! We have found that second story windows with caulking that has deteriorated or frames that have split open can produce roof leaks on the first floor.

There have been several instances where a vent pipe installed thru a wall on an upper floor has admitted water and produced a leak condition on a lower floor. We have responded to leak calls that have been broken water pipes, leaking bathtubs and even dripping HVAC units located in attics!

The first call of action is to contact a roofer and let them detect your problems as they’ve seen it all before

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Roofing Companies Liverpool

What Services We Offer

James Roofing offer the usual services that other Roofing Companies Liverpool may offer, but we do have some additional that you may not be aware of!

Guttering Liverpool

As we’re often climbing safely over peoples roof’s, we’ve become experts over the years in spotting problem guttering. We’re very much aware that poorly installed or often broken guttering can have such a detrimental effect on your home or business. For example, a guttering system that causes brick damage or even roof damage, if not properly checked or replaced will end up costing a fair few pennies in the long run. If not properly maintained. We’ve seen what you may consider minor erosion turn into major building work. As we always say, get it dealt with early and you’ll save in the long run.

We also replace guttering for all manner of reasons from aesthetic value, broken or simply poorly functioning guttering.

Solar Panel Installation

Do you want solar panels on your roof? The tariffs may have changed, but for the vast majority with the applicable roof’s, this is still a viable option. We are experienced with installation, and at the very least have partners who can help you decided if it’s economically viable to your home or business.

Velux Lighting and Sun Tunnels

These have become very popular in recent years, if correctly installed and maintained they’re highly effective. Many houses have bathrooms, hallways and other rooms where daylight only enters when you open the door. Dim and dark, these rooms are unwelcoming places until you turn on the light. Now that has all changed! Velux Sun Tunnel signals the end of dim and dismal spaces in the home. It brings natural light into even the darkest and most isolated spaces through a specially designed tunnel from roof to ceiling.

Call us for more information.

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Checking The Condition Of Your Roof

A visual inspection can really help to understand you roofing problems. Have a look over this quick guide in what to look for…

Start Inside

Roofing companies Liverpool will tell you that if the inside of your roof in unlined, you can check for cracks. Any daylight that is showing indicates that those areas will need a closer inspection. Check all the timbers to see if they’re wet or if they have water stains. If you find a stain, it would be helpful to try and trace its source. Obviously after or during a heavy shower is the best time as it’ll be easier to trace. All tiles deteriorate with age so keep a look our for cracks.

Ground Level Checks

Look for colour changes, they could indicate a tile that is newly exposed. If you feel you might need roof repairs Liverpool, this check should easily help you spot slipped tiles from a ground vantage point. Look along the ride on the skyline for gaps and the flashing around the chimney stacks. Fallen pieces of mortar on the floor or gutters also requires closer inspection.

Roof Level

We wouldn’t recommend any of our readers to get on the roof for inspection. Firstly you’d need the right ladders, including a roof ladder, that would help protect the roof from damaging slates.

Call James Roofing for a free quote

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Look At The Rain!

Here at roofing Liverpool we know that you’ve probably got a few problems right now, especially if you’ve searched for a roofer online. Follow these next steps

Next Steps

  1. Call us to arrange an call out.
  2. Place a bucket under the leak/s.
  3. Clear the room/s.
  4. Make sure their is no possibility of water dripping onto electrical items.
  5. If the water is near electrical circuits, please don’t play about with sockets.
  6. If you really do have a flood, call an electrical supervisor to switch of the electricity in the house or flat

We hope you’re not in too much distress, but James Roofing will be able to solve your problems.



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Are You Thinking About An Extension?

Do You Want A House Extension?

James Roofing know about roofing in Liverpool. The post below details a few types that are commonly used.

Roofs form a large proportion of the cost of an extension, particularly if it is a pitched roof, which is why a lot of people go for the cheaper option of a flat roof. But flat roofs don’t last as long and are prone to developing leaks that are hard to fix, as water ‘pools’ on the surface. They also don’t tend to blend in with the rest of the house particularly well, unless the property has flat roofs throughout.

Translucent Flat Roofs

A flat roof can be fitted very quickly though, because as soon as the supporting timbers are in place, the roofing material can be attached. If a transparent or translucent roof is required, glass could be laid, with supporting frames, but corrugated plastic or flat multi-walled polycarbonate is more likely.

The multi-walled products are layers of clear polycarbonate sheet separated by longitudinal ribs of the same material. This versatile material can be cut to size onsite and the number of layers goes from two to seven, with different finishes that affect the heat and sound insulating properties of the roof.


As roofers it’s logical that we also provide a guttering Liverpool based service. You should consider this when deciding on any extension or the type of roof you feel would be appropriate to your build.

Opaque Materials

If the roof doesn’t need to let light in, then corrugated sheet metal, plastic or fibreglass is cheap and cheerful and can be found in a wide variety of colours. The plastic versions do degrade over time though, and you need to be careful to drill holes for the fixings because punching them through is likely to crack the sheet.

A more long-lasting covering is felt waterproofed with bitumen. This is more expensive as it cannot be laid over the roof timber, so a supporting layer of sheet timber such as plywood of MDF needs to be laid down first. There are newer products on the market that look similar to felt but claim better performance, longer life and resistance to leaks.

Many home extensions these days are conservatories or other buildings with a lot of glazing, but brick built (or stone) is still popular, for a number of good reasons. But how do brick built extensions differ from glazed buildings and why should you pick one? Note that for the purposes of this article the phrase ‘brick built’ will refer to any outer material such as brick, stone, flint or any other, as opposed to a double-glazed construction such as a conservatory.

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