Before You Attempt Your Own Roofing

Here at James Roofing Liverpool we want to issue a warning. Beware! Falls through fragile roofs and fragile roof lights cause death and serious injury. They account for almost a fifth of all the fatal accidents which result from a fall from height in the construction industry.

Who is in danger?

As Roofing Contractors Liverpool we know that these types of accidents are caused by lack of awareness in relation fragile surfaces. They mainly occur in the building maintenance sector and particularly when carrying out small and short-term maintenance and sometimes cleaning. 7 people on average are killed and many more hurt, when falling though roofs or fragile roof lights. These accidents can occur on any roof, commercial, domestic and even more some on farm and outhouse.

Which surfaces present a particular risk?

These are common seen as likely to be most fragile:

■    Roof lights, particularly old one;
■    Old liner panels on built-up sheeted roofs;
■    Fibre cement sheets, that aren’t reinforced;
■    Metal sheets, corroded;
■    Glass (including wired glass);
■    Rotted chipboard; and
■    Slates and tiles.

Remember: Fragile roof incidents are not inevitable. They can be prevented by careful planning, using trained and experienced workers with suitable equipment and employing a high level of supervision.

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