Checking The Condition Of Your Roof

A visual inspection can really help to understand you roofing problems. Have a look over this quick guide in what to look for…

Start Inside

Roofing companies Liverpool will tell you that if the inside of your roof in unlined, you can check for cracks. Any daylight that is showing indicates that those areas will need a closer inspection. Check all the timbers to see if they’re wet or if they have water stains. If you find a stain, it would be helpful to try and trace its source. Obviously after or during a heavy shower is the best time as it’ll be easier to trace. All tiles deteriorate with age so keep a look our for cracks.

Ground Level Checks

Look for colour changes, they could indicate a tile that is newly exposed. If you feel you might need roof repairs Liverpool, this check should easily help you spot slipped tiles from a ground vantage point. Look along the ride on the skyline for gaps and the flashing around the chimney stacks. Fallen pieces of mortar on the floor or gutters also requires closer inspection.

Roof Level

We wouldn’t recommend any of our readers to get on the roof for inspection. Firstly you’d need the right ladders, including a roof ladder, that would help protect the roof from damaging slates.

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