It’s All About The Weather

If you’ve been reading the weather forecasts, we’re in for heavy rain, flash floods and thunderstorms.  We’ve been told that this assault on Liverpool is the result of the jet stream, and a series of low pressure areas.

Weather like this causes havoc not just for roofing companies Liverpool but in all over the country. We’ll undoubtedly loose more than a couple of roofs and probably as is always the case people will end up getting hurt. Forecasts are predicting more rain with week and hopes from summer sizzler as we had a few days in April.

The technical bit

“Waves” in the jet stream which moves weather systems across Britain mean areas of low pressure have lasted longer and created far more rain than normal, explained the jet stream usually pulls weather systems along but because it was not sitting straight, it had been holding the low pressure in place.

Rain is produced when low atmospheric pressure rises and gathers and as various weather systems have been moving across the country in the past few weeks, it can happen quickly. Being involved with roof repairs Liverpool, we know gaps in this weather system will occur, but contact us and we’ll be able to help get you back on your feet should any leaks or blow offs happen.

In a side note, today’s flooding had been caused by persistent, heavy rain in comparison to last week’s mini storms, which were more isolated and only lasted a couple of hours.

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