Roof Repairs Liverpool For Leaks And Moisture

Roof Leaks And Moisture

When we are roofing in Liverpool, we see a lot of problems that have resulted in leaks and moisture damage.

Obvious or unforeseen, roof problems are always a pain and can be costly and will result in you needing our roof repairs Liverpool service. With every single roof and no matter which kind‚ if you have roof leaks, then unless checked or repaired as soon as you notice them you’ll have a big issue down the line.

A leak will occur for a number of reasons. Flashing details in built up roofs can experience leaks because they aren’t fastened properly during their installation.

The problems an owner is typically going to have with a built up roof will be that in the majority of cases that the leaks occurs because of the flashing details – meaning the membrane is interrupted or terminated. Additionally, hot bituminous and torch-applied modified bitumen roofs may experience leaks when a proper moisture barrier is not installed underneath a coping cap on parapet walls.

Any defective installation of the flashing will be a source of leaks at some point, especially with torch applied modified bitumen roofs. Moisture infiltration caused by poor head laps and backwater laps will also cause you a lot of problems down the line. If water gets underneath the roof membrane because the field of roof is installed so that water flows against the lap, causing blisters and leaks. Therefore the roof will not be fit for purpose

A cold-applied modified bitumen’s, the storage of the materials can result in moisture infiltration if it was improperly stored. This will then be built into the roofing system, not using the correct amount of adhesive will also result in poor lamination and leakage.

Leaks can result when single-ply membrane roofs are installed with poor seams.


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